The best Kimba I can be

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My name is Kimba and I am 28 years old and I happen to have Down syndrome. I live in Chelsea in Victoria and I have a very busy life.

Two days a week, I work as a volunteer at the Chelsea, Family Life Op shop where I help with sorting donations, serving customers, getting change at the bank and going to the Post Office. I love my job and the fantastic people I work with. They accept me just as Kimba, nothing else and we have a lot of fun together. I have worked at the shop for nearly five years.

I am a member of an all-abilities dance and drama group called BAM which stands for Bust a Move and I love to perform with them. The members are really cool and the teachers are brilliant. Through BAM, I was interviewed on Sunrise on Channel 7 which was really cool.

My dad does a lot of Morning Melodies music shows and we perform some duets together which I really love. I have always felt accepted and even our local Member of Parliament takes me for a milkshake in Chelsea which is fun.

I hope I can make a difference in showing people that having Down syndrome is not a bad thing, it is just different and sometimes different can be a fantastic thing. I just want to be the best Kimba I can be and to show everyone that I can make a difference in our local community.