Life with Jon is never boring

Life with Jon is never boring thumbnail.

Life with Jon is anything but boring–crazy, loud, full of life–but never, ever boring. Due to our rural location, during the week he lives with our older sister and her family and takes part in various day programs including art, drama and woodwork. Jon is very proud when he announces what he has done during the week, whether it was delivering a new redgum table to a customer through Just Redgum or selling an artwork he had created with ArtRageus.

Our local community is endlessly supportive and accommodating of Jon’s needs. There is no doubt that Jon is a social butterfly and this can be seen on full display at the local football on a Saturday. After a home game, up he gets to make his speech which is met with a great cheer from the local crowd. Jon’s love for football extends to the AFL and his beloved Melbourne Demons. One of the best feelings is watching Jon at an AFL match yelling and clapping while surrounded by others who share his passion for the game. 

Jon and I have always had a special relationship as there are only 15 months between us. He is, without a doubt, the most important part of my life, the piece of my soul that walks around outside my body. My wish is to see Jon live a happy and fulfilled life and we will do anything we can to ensure this happens. We rarely come across anyone who reacts negatively towards Jon and his disability but it has happened before and I would like to never see it happen again. Jon doesn’t understand negative comments about him or his disability as all he is interested in is love, which I feel a lot of others could learn from.  Not every day is a good day, but every single day Jon brings joy to our lives and the world by just being him. – by Dearne Amos