“Flynn is seen as just Flynn, and it’s perfect.”

“Flynn is seen as just Flynn, and it’s perfect.” thumbnail.

Flynn started day care when he was seven months old. He is now 16 months. When he started we said we wanted to have him included in everything and treated just like the other children. His day care has gone above and beyond our expectations to include him in all their activities, giving him some extra help when he needed it.

He’s a very inquisitive boy who thrives on interaction with his friends and is already developing some beautiful friendships.

All of the day care staff have been positive about meeting Flynn’s needs, but also about creating a very inclusive environment that allows him to grow. This has included using sign language with him and displaying the ‘signs of the week’ for all staff to see. It has also been wonderful to know that Flynn’s milestones are encouraged by the staff by doing physiotherapy exercises with him.

The most important thing Flynn has been shown at his day care is love – by all the staff and even other parents. I am often stopped by another parent and given nothing but adoration for him. I often get photos of Flynn from his main educator celebrating a new milestone and an expression of how proud she is of him.

Flynn is seen as just Flynn, and it’s perfect.