Elijah is a YouTube star

Elijah is a YouTube star thumbnail.

Elijah is nearly 10 years old and lives in Brisbane with his family and Crumpet, his monkey. When he is not busy at school, scouts or swimming, he likes to make YouTube videos with Crumpet to show the world what a capable learner he is. They get up to a lot of fun and interesting things. Elijah and Crumpet already have a world-wide following and they have exciting plans for the future.

Elijah wanted to be a famous YouTuber (thanks to his big brother) and loves performing and watching himself performing. Rehearsing and putting together the show is a great learning opportunity for Elijah, as he has to remember the plan, practice and learn to stay on task.

The show allows Elijah to show off what he can do, helping to break down misconceptions about people with disability. We hope that Elijah and Crumpet’s videos will motivate and inspire other parents who may just be at the start of their journey.

We share a lot of fun times together and have some great clips to look back on later in life!

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