Kingsley and Minions go hand in hand

Kingsley and Minions go hand in hand thumbnail.

Kingsley was born on Christmas Eve 2008 and is about to turn eight years old. He has two younger sisters aged six, and a baby brother, who he absolutely adores.

Kingsley is a fun, kind and loving boy who gets along with everyone. He was lucky enough to meet the original Wiggles, who he has been the biggest fan of since he was a baby, on their last ever tour. More recently he has become a huge Minions fan!

Kingsley has speech dyspraxia which he sees a speech pathologist regularly to work on, as he really struggles with verbal communication. The fact that the Minions don’t say many actual words is one of the biggest reasons Kingsley is drawn to them and relates to them so much – that and his love of mischief! He has a smile that can light up the darkest room.

I was 19 when I found out I was going to have Kingsley and we have grown together over these past eight years. We are father and son but also best friends, which is probably against some parenting rule written somewhere, but I don’t care.