Lucinda’s first year

Lucinda’s first year thumbnail.

A reflection on reaching milestones, shared by the mother of a 5 year old daughter:  

“In Lucinda’s first year, I was constantly searching for a development trajectory chart for children with Trisomy 21 and was coming up short. None of the therapists, paediatrician or GPs would be drawn on her development progress and whether it was ‘on schedule’. It was their way of telling me to let go; I was getting wound up on what she should have been doing rather than what she was doing. In the end, I stopped caring about the milestones and they came when she was ready. Lucinda is much more likely to listen (or mimic) people other than her mother and father. She is fortunate enough to have two older siblings who we include on her therapy where possible. It makes it more engaging for her and then they can continue the concepts in day to day life. We have encouraged grandparents, kindy, daycare to be involved in therapy sessions where possible or at the very least, have told them what she is working on. It means the therapy never really ends and is practically applied.”

Lucinda’s mum also shares her experiences of her daughter’s first year of life and the negative attitudes sometimes experienced from the wider community regarding the life opportunities of people with Down syndrome: