Leigh lives his dream

Leigh lives his dream thumbnail.

Leigh Creighton from NSW fulfilled a dream of his last year by sky diving for the first time. He jumped with Skydiving Australia at Pelican in Newcastle.

He spoke with Leticia Hodson about the experience.

How did it feel stepping out of the plane?

It was absolutely great.  I was a little bit nervous but as I got the feel of it, I just went for the dive and it was great.

What was your instructor like?

He was awesome with me. He knew what he was doing, and he was a professional, so he was awesome.

How did he calm your nerves and make you feel comfortable?

He actually talk to me, you know, through the process of it all. He just talk to me and say give me a high five and that sort of stuff.

What did you do to prepare?

I had to prepare on how to land and know the signals of skydiving. The signals were to hold my jacket and my belt as I was going out of the plane. Then gave me a tap on the shoulder and I put my thumbs out. Then he help me put my legs out so I can land safely.

I went up on my own, but I had supports there too. My mum, my brother and my support worker.

I went there the last two times and one it was raining and the other one the cloud didn’t move so you have do it safely, in the right way. So, it was third time lucky. The third time I did it. I can’t believe I did it.

What could you see from the plane when you jumped out?

I could see the clouds and I could see the sky and when I was coming out of the plane and I was holding my vest. I was going backwards as well, and I could see the plane going over.

I felt the air rushing past me and I had to open my mouth so I could get the air though my mouth. You can’t keep your mouth closed because it is like you are holding your breath so you have to keep it open.

You’ve got to do it. It’s just amazing and yes, I will do it again.