Alex is a talented artist

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Alex Rees is an accomplished and talented artist from Warrnambool in Victoria. He tells us about his passion for art and his upcoming exhibition.

I like to get up at 4am each morning. I feel like it’s a special time for me, when I have the house to myself because Mum and Dad are asleep. I like to paint, write, play my guitar and watch videos that I’ve made of my family and friends, early in the morning.

On Mondays, I learn new words with Rhys. A word I learned today is ‘lava’, which is hot rock that comes out of a volcano. I feel proud now that I can talk more with new people who I meet.

Alex Rees painting

Then Dee takes me to Meals on Wheels. We take food to older people who can’t cook anymore, so it’s easier for them to eat. It makes me proud to help people.

After Meals on Wheels, Barry helps me with my paintings. I decide what I want to paint and how I paint it on the canvas. Barry helps me to mix the colours and suggests ways I can make my paintings to look better. Jenny also helps me to paint on Saturdays. It’s good to have two people to talk about art with, because I get different ideas from each person. I think I’ve painted hundreds of artworks over the past 16 years. Painting makes me feel happy, relaxed and proud.

Many people have bought my paintings. People tell me that they really like my paintings and that the colours make them happy. I like the feeling this gives me. When I sell a painting, I use the money to support a deaf student in Ghana and to support a school with new books and pens. I also buy Solar Buddy lights for Ghanaian children, so they can read and do school work at night.

Working at Tasty Plate, a catering company in Warrnambool, makes me proud too. I like making food, especially chicken parmigiana.

I sing and act in the all-abilities choir and drama group. We had a show at the Lighthouse Theatre, and I was proud of how we sang and danced as a group.

I enjoy ten pin bowling in the Motivators League. My team is called The Simpsons and is made up of me, Simon, Darren and Chris. We got 2nd place this year! My high league game was 121 points, but I have bowled higher scores.

I’m also proud of my family. I’m proud of Mum and Dad because they are always there to talk to me and take care of me, if I need it. I’m proud of my brothers and sister because they’re good people and lead good lives.

Alex’s exhibition, T21 Blast-off, launches Saturday March 2 at 3.00pm at Karingallery, 4 James St, Geelong, Victoria and runs until March 31, 2019.

For more details go to the genU Karingal St Laurence website.