Cailan’s photography

Cailan’s photography thumbnail.

I am Cailan Ford Weinberg and I’m 24 years old. I live in Melbourne. I live with my mum and dad and my brother. My background is Brazilian, British, Australian. I grew up in South America and came from there too. Photography is my passion because I started photography when I was younger, and I was living in Brazil. Photography has been in my family for generations. My great, great grandfather Gilberto Ferrez was a famous photographer and so it got passed down to my dad and then to me. Photography has always been in my blood for generations. My skills are getting better because I’ve done photography for almost over 4 years now. I have a great photographer’s eye and being able to capture shots on my camera when I see something out of the corner of my eye that looks awesome. My goal is to become a professional photographer and being able to travel the world as a photographer and being able to meet other photographers out there in the world.

Here are some of Cailan’s favourite photos:

Cailan's photo of a daddy long legs spider.

Spiders I don’t like but sometimes you Have to challenge yourself even if it’s things you don’t like so much. Spiders have a dark light brown colour but it also has a grey shadowy grey wall behind it. I’ve experienced cobwebs of spiders (they are used to making up their homes inside other people’s homes).

Cailan's photo of a brown dog.

I like this photo because I love dogs. Dogs always capture my heart of love. I really love how this puppy dog is in the centre of my photo it’s like I can See its puppy like eyes just staring up at me and with its soft brown ears Almost looks like a handsome young puppy dog. Almost looks like a handsome young puppy dog. You can see more of my photography by looking at my Facebook page.