Music is my life

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Zoe found it difficult to express herself until she discovered a love of music and playing in the Red Shed Band. One day, her mum made other plans for the day Zoe was supposed to go to rehearsals…so Zoe made herself clear.

From Zoe’s mum Mandy:

Zoe is 23 years old and has Down syndrome and Autism.

Over the years it’s been a struggle to find that thing that makes her happy. Something she’s comfortable at and makes her smile – not something I want her to do, but something she wants to do. 

Until recently I didn’t know what that thing was but then we found the Red Shed Band. 

I knew Zoe was enjoying going to the band, playing the drums and singing on the microphone with a beautiful group but what I didn’t know (due to the lack of being able to express herself and her feelings) was just how much she loved it. 

One Wednesday I’d made other plans, so I told Zoe we were not going to the band the next day. I thought she was OK about it and she said ‘OK’, but I was sadly mistaken. 

Zoe texted me: ‘Music My life Do take My Music Away for me’

No need for spell check – her message was loud and clear. 

I was so proud of her for expressing her thoughts and feelings to me and it broke my heart at the same time.

We did attend music the next day and we will never miss another. 

It might have taken me years to find something but I’m so happy and blessed that we did.

From Zoe:

My name is Zoe 

I love the band I love playing the drums 

I love Wednesday at band I play the drums and sing microphone 

Makes me happy at band I not like people strangers

Makes me sad strangers 

I like band people 

I love Taylor Swift and YouTube videos 

Mum watch me play drums and sing 

We happy

Learn more about the Red Shed Band at the NOSS Tasmania website.