“We speak our minds and express ourselves in our songs.”

“We speak our minds and express ourselves in our songs.” thumbnail.

My name is Shea. Dancing is a passion of mine and I have been with e.motion21 for four years. I love being a part of a professional dance company and showing people my dance experience. I have a lot of friends through e.motion21 – it has been the best thing for me. 

My highlights with e.motion21 are the concerts and being asked to perform in India at the World Down Syndrome Congress in 2015. I had not been there before, and India was the best. I got up at the Congress and talked about people with disabilities.

I myself love being around people with the same thing as me. I love dancing with friends and being able to do choreography to some of my favourite songs. I am now the ambassador for e.motion21, being able to speak on behalf of the dance company.

I am also part of a hip hop group called Inkrewsive. We write and perform our own rap songs and often do workshops at primary schools. We have just made video clips of our songs. Most of my songs are about friendships and inclusiveness. We want to be accepted for what and who we are, same as everyone. All of us have different pathways, but being a part of Inkrewsive is like a family, we speak our minds and express ourselves in our songs.