Emily makes amazing scones

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Emily has a passion for cooking and most things food orientated.  She has long wanted to work in a restaurant like her big sister as a waitress; she has even learnt how to carry 3 plates at a time. Her biggest passion however is cooking. Connections Café is a volunteer run organisation that provides home-made cakes, scones, coffee and lunches at a minimal cost to the Barossa Community two days a week. Emily started there as a helper but was given the opportunity to become involved in making the scones.

Emily says, “On Wednesdays I work at Connections Café and I make scones. They sell biscuits and coffee and cake…and scones. They are easy to make, I learnt how to make them…You need flour and cream and lemonade. You have to knead it with your hands.”

Emily also takes out the food, picks up the dirty dishes and washes the dishes too.

Does she like washing dishes? “NO!!” she says.

Emily’s greatest pleasure is when the customers ask to speak to the scone maker and tell her they are the best scones they have had, just like their grandmother used to make.