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HAZZAH Apparel

About HAZZAH Apparel by Benjamin Paior-Smith

We do shirts, caps, polos, v-necks and more for everyone to enjoy. We’ve also been on Sunrise TV which was awesome to share our business. Right now, we are a small business working from home but hoping to expand out into the community as soon as possible. 

It helps me with my goals to move out of home and to share my passions to everybody. 

First off, I did not plan to be an apparel business owner but after I worked at JR Surf and Ski it helped me realise the potential to have my own apparel business.

I worked with awesome people from Community Living Project (CLP) and that’s how I got my business in apparel. With the help of NDIS I have been able to create this awesome business. 

Hopes for the future

To expand more and give out more merchandise (e.g. like coffee mugs, hoodies, shoes) and get my own store. 

What I’ve learned from starting my business

I learnt how to be a good leader and how to manage my money. I already had the knowledge to use technology but I’ve needed to adapt my thinking with different websites.

I’m also trying to expand my knowledge in fashion even more and this has helped me. 

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