Jack’s Ice Creams

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Jack’s Ice Creams

About Jack’s business

Jack’s business is a mobile ice cream cart.  Jack works regularly at the Manly Creative Market on Sundays.  Being part of the market has been a happy coming together of community.  Jack is well known among stall holders and has regular customers coming to visit each week.  This exposure has also led to a number of private events.  Jack has sold ice creams at primary school discos, the Wynnum Fringe Festival, office openings, dance concerts and more.

Jack has learned a great deal in setting up the business.  He has completed an online food handling safety course.  He has liaised with council on permits, he sets up and takes eftpos payments and completes regular banking and stocktaking.  Jack comes into his own, however, when he is front of house selling to the public and honing his customer service skills.

Jack has a website jacksicecreams.com.au and is on Facebook and Instagram.

What I like about running my own business

I love my business because:

It’s social.

It makes me feel important. 

I like to be working hard.