Nadia’s twentieth anniversary

Nadia’s twentieth anniversary thumbnail.

Nadia Ferencz achieved her 20th work anniversary with Norman Waterhouse Lawyers last year.

There was a morning tea session held at the Norman Waterhouse office and the director Sean and all her work mates were there to celebrate.

Nadia loves coming to work and is a dedicated worker and she loves the recognition of her work ethic and dedication at Norman Waterhouse.

She is part of the team there and has been recognised for her service to her work.

Nadia wrote about her work and what it means to her (hand written and transcribed):

‘I do office work like the folders and rubing out and getting the milk at the shop. and filling up the teabags and suger clean the benches. I am happy at work and meeting lots of new people I really enjoy working. Sometimes we get coffee stains and put water in a cup to leave on the sink.

I would say to the person [who wants to work] they will really enjoy working at the Lawyers it will keep you very busy. It is very important work to me and be on time.’

Nadia also spoke about other aspects of her job:

‘I am supported by my support worker Heather and my work colleagues give me some other tasks from time to time and they keep an eye on me. Also, I am very proud to have had the one job for 20 years now. I was told that I would never be able to work. I look at me, I have achieved 20 plus years so far!’

Congratulations Nadia on a wonderful achievement and we wish you many more working years ahead.

You can find out more about Nadia’s workplace at the Norman Waterhouse Lawyers website. You can also follow @NW_Lawyers on Twitter.