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Naomi Lake

About Naomi’s business

We live in regional WA so most things happen in Bunbury or Perth so I do a lot of travelling. Mum is a really good driver! My books are in the library and in many schools around the state. I would like to have them in Community resource centres in the small towns. 

I have written my second Harmony book and the third is in the process of preparation for printing.

I was also commissioned by Carers W.A. to write a short biography of my life called Naomi’s world. It is a free ebook on their website.

I have written a story called The View from the Magpie’s Nest that is being set to music and dance and being performed on stage in October. As well as this I have written and delivered speeches at various events. Motivational speaking is something else I would like to do more of.

I have a stall whenever I can to sell my books and sewing, I also sell books through Harmony the Forgetful Hen facebook page and my website at Books are also available in shops in several places in WA. 

Being self-employed is great, it gives me flexibility to do other things. I am very excited about starting a microbusiness soon to promote and sell my books and the sewing that I do.

I am currently undertaking a small business course to obtain all the information I need to make it a success.  In the future I would like my books to be given to new mothers of babies with Down syndrome so they can see that anything is possible!! 

I am proud to be a health ambassador for DSWA and for DSA. I am passionate about improving health outcomes for people with Down syndrome.

I like being a voice for people who can’t speak up for themselves.

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