Working at the DSAQ

2020 - Day 3
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Working at the DSAQ. Day 3, 2020

by Nikela Carrigan

My role here at Down Syndrome Association of Queensland is Administration Assistant I help with putting together Reading Our Way Kits, learning how to use the computer at work and at home as using database entering all the schools even technology with social media and everything else that I can think of like, working next to Georgie and Darryl and the QDSAN meetings.

There is so much to learn from them because I like working with those 2 and hoping to keep up with them as not taking control of being the biggest highlight but as being a part of the team next year these 2 have been amazing to work with.

Nikela Carrigan

Working next to Andrew and Brad with everything that is do with all the event planning ideas that I have been researching those 2 are the most amazing people to work with but they are both so good at it.  Even so good at getting out in the community and discovering what is happening out there with different groups.

Working next to Maria and Shana and Teare Julia and Cass is always the most amazing people that I enjoy working with to.

I have been working here since forever for 13 years. We moved from office to office and I love working here it’s like walking into another home and I do want keep up with the best skill goals ever.  I enjoy the company of my work colleagues.