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Understanding speech fluency in Down syndrome

April, 2021

This study aims to get a better understanding of the speech traits common in people with Down syndrome, and particularly those that affect speech fluency (i.e. flow or ease of talking). It will help us to develop strategies to address the issues that are making talking difficult and incorporate those approaches with those that support their overall communication needs. 

The researchers are collecting videos of people with Down syndrome speaking as they would in daily life. For this study, we can use videos from English-speaking participants of any age, as long as they are able to speak in sentences and are happy to be recorded. We need a minimum of 50 utterances (sentences of 2+ words) to conduct the analysis. You can choose how to provide your videos, they can be uploaded to our website, sent via WhatsApp to our dedicated research phone, or recorded by a researcher during a scheduled Zoom chat.

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This research has gone through Down Syndrome Australia’s approval process.