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Down Syndrome Australia and the Down Syndrome Federation are committed to making a difference in the lives of people with Down syndrome and their families.

Career opportunities

November 2020

Employment Pathways Co-ordinator

Down Syndrome WA is seeking an Employment Pathways Coordinator to further develop and expand DSWA’s NDIS employment programs. Commencing with 6-8 hours/week (weekdays) with anticipation of increased hours as employment services grow.

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Previous opportunities

Regional Education Consultants – Western District / Barwon / Gippsland

Down Syndrome Victoria is seeking passionate and highly skilled part time/casual Education Consultants who are committed to enhancing the learning outcomes for children with Down syndrome in the Western District, Barwon, and Gippsland regions.

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Down Syndrome Victoria Advisory Network Members

Down Syndrome Victoria (DSV) is looking for people with Down syndrome to become members of its new Advisory Network.

The Advisory Network will help DSV further understand what is important to people with Down syndrome and increase the contribution of people with Down syndrome in all levels of DSV decision making.

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Please contact your local State or territory Down syndrome association to express interest or find out more.

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Contact your state or territory Down syndrome association to find out more about current opportunities.


Volunteer with us

You may also be interested in opportunities to get involved by volunteering.

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Career Opportunities

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Down Syndrome Australia and the Down Syndrome Federation work to make a difference for people with Down syndrome.

This means helping people with Down syndrome have better lives.

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Career Opportunities is when we are looking for people to come and work with us.

When there are jobs available for people to work with us, you can find them here.

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You can find information about working with us as a volunteer on our website.

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You can also contact the Down syndrome association in your state or territory.