SHAID Clinic Hobart

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Down Syndrome Tasmania are pleased to announce a new partnership to better service the health needs of adults with Down syndrome in Tasmania.  Down Syndrome Tasmania is providing funds in 2017 to allow the SHAID (Specialist Healthcare for Adults with Intellectual Disability) clinic to hold additional clinics specifically for adults with Down syndrome.  Our contributions are being matched by a donation to us from Dr John Rolley so that the complete administrative costs for monthly clinics are fully funded. This is an outpatient service for overall physical health assessments of adults with intellectual disability provided by a specialist physician and conducted through Calvary Health Care Tasmania.

A presentation was held at Camp in March and members present were provided with information regarding the service.  For further information and bookings please contact (Zube) or phone 03 6278 5359. Please note that you will need a referral, from your GP to access this service, as is the usual case for specialist physician appointments. Patients are bulk billed for this service.  The first DST SHAID clinic was to be held in March 2017.