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Support Leah’s Haircut fundraiser

Within our T21 community here in Brisbane there is a beautiful little 3 year old girl called Leah. 

She has a gorgeous smile, infectious laugh and stunning long blonde hair. When her mum posts pictures of this gorgeous little lady everyone comments on her beautiful long Rapunzel hair and it has become her trademark, along with her designer hairstyles. 

Well, her ever generous mummy Sharon, has decided to selflessly donate Leah’s long golden locks, all in the name of charity. Funds raised in support of this brave act will be donated to Down Syndrome Queensland and Leah’s luscious hair will be donated to Variety and used to make a wig.  

Once you catch a glimpse of Leah’s photos you’ll realise how hugely generous and brave this fundraiser is as her hair is the envy of many, in fact I don’t think Leah has ever had it trimmed.  

To show your support of this amazing duo please click the “SUPPORT LEAH TODAY” button below and help raise funds for DSQ whilst Leah helps Variety with the donation of her stunning hair.

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