Diversity in the Classroom – 17th September, 2020

Diversity in the Classroom – 17th September, 2020 thumbnail.

Diversity in the Classroom: Tips for Teaching Students with Down syndrome

Presented by Learning Support Officers Sharon Melhuish and Karen Garrity, and Biologist Kelli Gowland.

Topics will include:

  • What does it mean for a person to have Down syndrome?
  • How does Down syndrome impact a students learning and inclusion in the classroom?
  • Practical strategies to support classroom teaching
  • Understanding the link between communication and behaviour
  • Transition—why is it important and how can you do it successfully
  • Simple strategies to support positive behaviours

There will be opportunities throughout the day to network and share ideas and strategies, with other Educators

Presenter Information

Sharon Melhuish and Karen Garrity are both teachers and Learning Support Officers in schools in the ACT. Kelli Gowland is a Biologist and former Education Officer for the ACT Down Syndrome Association. All presenters are family members of people with Down syndrome and passionate advocates of informed teaching practices.

When: 17th September, 2020 

Where: Gungahlin Lakes Club, 110 Gundaroo Dr, Nicholls ACT 2913

For further information contact community@actdsa.org.au or call 02 6290 0656