School Advocacy and Supports for Families Throughout Queensland

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Did you know that DSQ can assist with supporting you and your child in their learning environment?  This can include;

  • Discussing effective communication strategies for you to feel heard
  • Supporting you with stakeholder meetings
  • Supporting you through the IEP / ISP process

In conjunction with our Education Consultants, we can also support you and your child’s school with information on;

  • Inclusive education
  • Visual supports
  • Behaviour supports
  • Social stories
  • Transitions
  • Communication supports

The support team at DSQ recently worked with a parent whose child was starting primary school, the following example demonstrates how DSQ can support within the learning environment. 

The situation:

The school would only allow the child to attend for a few hours each day and during those hours would often ring the parent requesting pick up due to behavioral issues.  The parent came to DSQ wanting confirmation around her ideas of what is ‘Inclusive education’ and supports on how to increase the hours in school for her child. 

The process:

After several one on one meetings with the parent, DSQ was invited to attend the stakeholder meeting.  The meeting gave the parent an opportunity to share her views on increasing hours and gave an opportunity to discuss some of the barriers and opportunities. 

The result:

Following the meeting, the child had her hours increased and some helpful strategies were implemented to allow for better communication between the parent and the school. The school recognized that they may require some additional strategies on how best to support the child in the school setting.  DSQ’s Education Consultant was able to assist with this.

If you would like assistance with school supports / advocacy, please contact the Early Years Officer on or ring the office on 3356 6655.

“I reached out to DSQ when I faced challenges to get my child with Down syndrome enrolled full-time and included at a mainstream school. DSQ have inspired, encouraged and supported me throughout this process. They provided a listening ear, gave feedback and information, supplied me with suggestions, research and professional advice and suggested different support organisations. They also offered advice and support to the school and phoned into meetings when attending a meeting with me was not possible. DSQ stood beside me and helped me to stand strong and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them. I’m grateful for their support and can highly recommend their expertise and excellent services!”