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Death of young girl in Brisbane unacceptable

Down Syndrome Australia is incredibly saddened to hear about the death of 4-year-old Willow Dunn from Cannon Hill in Brisbane.

“The neglect or abuse of any child is not acceptable,” Down Syndrome Australia CEO Dr Ellen Skladzien says.

“Children with disabilities, as any other children in the community, should be protected and cared for.”

From what we know of this story to date, it sounds like a horrific situation where she has been the victim of neglect and domestic violence.

This tragedy highlights the importance of the work of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability.

“The murder or neglect of any child is abhorrent, and our community is incredibly saddened that she died in these circumstances,” Dr Skladzien says.

Down Syndrome Australia advocates for the rights of people with disabilities and their families. We encourage families who are affected by this situation to reach out for support:

Down Syndrome Australia 1300 344 954

Blue Knot Foundation: 1300 657 380

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