Kmart dolls a good step towards diversity

Kmart dolls a good step towards diversity thumbnail.

Down Syndrome Australia is pleased that Kmart has taken steps to widen the diversity in its toy range with a number of new fashion dolls and baby dolls with disabilities

This new line of toys, such as the new ‘Baby Charlie with Down Syndrome’ doll from Kmart, represent the diversity of the world we live in. It means that children are exposed to that diversity from an early age and can find dolls that look like them or their friends.  

Down Syndrome Australia CEO, Dr Ellen Skladzien, says is pleased to see the positive steps Kmart are taking to be more inclusive. 

“This new range of dolls from Kmart highlights the importance of introducing diversity and representation,” Dr Skladzien says.

“Many members of our community have expressed excitement that children with Down syndrome are represented in this new range of toys.”

Down Syndrome Australia are also aware that some members of our community have concerns about some of the visual aspects the Baby Charlie range. We hope that Kmart will review this feedback and take it on board to develop other dolls with Down syndrome in the future which are representative of a wider range of children who have Down syndrome.