Advisory Network update, July 2021

Advisory Network update, July 2021 thumbnail.

By Colby Hickey

Advisory network work over the past 12 months

We have been doing so many things it is hard to get it all into one article. 

In our lockdowns we have done training to prepare us for being leaders and public speaking. We had so much fun each week and I personally loved it. 

Next was our Family Fun Day when we went to the zoo. We had lots of speeches and stalls and I hope you all enjoyed it. We had a ball in the rain!! Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate on our special day. 

We haven’t been so good at doing face to face due to lockdown. Most meetings have been on zoom, however we are still planning lots of fun stuff. 

Experiences during the COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria

I don’t cope well during lockdown so I have been very sad during lockdowns. I have great staff who just let me get on with my day to day stuff. I listen to music a lot and play my films. Thank god for my carers who keep me sane and not lonely. I spent a lot of time feeling sad about not working face to face and going to the pub and club. Hopefully it is over and we can travel soon. I want to go to Italy and eat lots of pasta. lol 

Excited for the next 12 months

I am very excited for my future, especially my work. I want my job prospects with Down Syndrome Victoria to continue and I can’t wait for my career to get better. I’m hoping to move house and get a better place near the sea. I’m also excited for the music I will see and the bands I enjoy. I am looking forward to getting my business running and seeing my Mum happy.