DSV’s 2022 Christmas gift guide

DSV’s 2022 Christmas gift guide thumbnail.

If you haven’t quite finished your Christmas shopping and are looking for inspiration, our gift guide has it all!

With the cancellation of our StepUP! Melbourne event, a number of market stall holders missed out on the opportunity to share their businesses and wonderful creations with our community.

These businesses of people with Down syndrome include artwork, craft and paintings, clothing, candles, a book and delicious treats.

There are many great gift ideas, just in time for Christmas.

You can support the following businesses via social media or their website and contact stall holders directly through these pages to make a purchase:

🎁 Othman Aboubaker creates upcycled art. You can reach out to Othman via social media Kay Kings @4urspecialneeds: www.facebook.com/kariema.aboubaker
🎁 t21fASHion. Ash Modra makes clothing with sizing available for babies through to adults: www.facebook.com/t21fASHion
🎁 Katherine Art Designs by K.A.D. Kath Mansour has a large range of artwork, paintings and crafts. You can get in touch with Kath and find out more about her artwork via her website sebhartandkath.wixsite.com
🎁 Pics by Kez. Kez Glenane creates stunning photography on postcards: www.facebook.com/picsbykez

Please contact Vanessa Ientile at vanessai@dsav.asn.au to support the following businesses and make a purchase:

🎄 Dylan’s Delicious Delights. Dylan McLean bakes tasty sweets and snacks made to order, including lemon slice, shortbread biscuits and chocolate balls. You can also support Dylan with his work as a barista at Happiness First Café in Rosebud on Friday and Saturday.
🎄 Esther Tuddenham wrote the book ‘The Sea-er’ filled with incredible journal entries, poetry and photography. She also has a range of postcards available that feature her photography.
🎄 Tammy Smith creates beautiful paintings and candles.

This year, you could also choose to support Down Syndrome Victoria with a donation to assist us to continue our work. We are dependent on donations to fund our operations. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.