A message from Colby Hickey, DSV Advisory Network member

A message from Colby Hickey, DSV Advisory Network member thumbnail.

In October last year I was lucky enough to take part in the filming of a video part of the “Now You See Me” series. I was very happy to share my story in a way that got to reach so many. The videos are aimed at health professionals, prenatal diagnosis families and the general public to help change their attitudes and perceptions of the capability of people with Down syndrome.

I had a great time participating in the filming of this video. It allowed me to show off my favourite parts of St Kilda, my home and my friends and it was fun dancing to the music. My time filming was really fun.

I was quite considered in deciding what I had to say, what I wanted to share and I’m glad we were able to capture my life. It was a good experience to try something new and I am grateful that I was chosen to share my story. It is amazing to be part of DSV who give me these opportunities.

I most enjoyed being both director and actor, in that I was able to say just what I wanted and what I wanted to show of my life, and I’m very happy this video is out to the public.

My video demonstrates that I live a normal and regular life like anyone else. It shows that I am capable of having a great life and achieving many things. I hope that through this video people will understand that I am very capable and have interests just like everyone else. Making this video was important because it allows me to show who I really am despite my disability. I’d like to thank the people involved in making the video and I’m so excited to have my story shared.

Now You See Me, Colby Hickey