Community announcement: update for NSW

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Changes to Down Syndrome NSW membership of DSA

16 November 2023

Down Syndrome Australia has unfortunate news to announce. Following significant discussions over the past 7 months, careful consideration, consultation with its member organisations and the failure of an independent mediation process, the DSA Board have voted to cease the membership of DSNSW.  This decision has been carefully considered and has not been made lightly. 

DSA at all times aims to work in accordance with our values of inclusion, collaboration, respect and trust, in service to our community. When DSA and its member organisations embrace these values, we can successfully work together towards our common goal of supporting all people with Down syndrome in Australia to be included and achieve their full potential.  

This decision has only been taken after exhausting other avenues to work together, in accordance with our values.  This decision was made in the interests of ongoing stability and success of DSA and the Federation, which is critical to serving the Down syndrome community. 

DSA remains open to DSNSW rejoining as a member in the future and recognises the important role that our members play. DSA wish to thank DSNSW for their contributions to date. DSA is committed to ensuring successful delivery of existing programs which directly benefit people with Down syndrome in NSW and their families, and therefore funding provided by DSA to DSNSW under current contracts will continue. 

The DSA board is comprised of representatives from across Australia, including NSW. We have a firm commitment to best practice governance. We want to assure you that this decision of the DSA board was made in accordance with our governing documents and the principles of fairness and due process. 

DSA is the national voice for all people with Down syndrome in Australia. To the Down syndrome community in NSW, please be assured that DSA will still be representing your interests and needs at a national level and are working with complimentary providers and grassroots organisations in New South Wales to ensure people with Down syndrome continue to be supported. DSA will also continue to work with DSNSW on the delivery of its existing projects which we currently fund to ensure ongoing support.  

DSA is here to support the community and will provide assistance to everyone in NSW. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you have through: or 1300 344 954. 

You can also read the FAQs on the DSA website. 

DSA in collaboration with its member organisations remain dedicated to working collaboratively to ensure we are a strong and effective voice for people with Down syndrome within Australia. 

Read our FAQ on our website here.

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