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  • COVID-19

    People with Down syndrome can feel anxious when it comes to needles. Here are some tips for supporting someone before, during and after their vaccine.

  • Employment

    Dec 2020

    In this video advocates tell us about what employment means to people with Down syndrome.

  • Community and Sport

    In this video with Gerard O'Dwyer, we find out what social inclusion is like for people with Down syndrome.

  • COVID-19

    In this video Australians with Down syndrome tell us why they think people should have a COVID-19 vaccine.

  • COVID-19

    DSA Health Ambassador Kimberly Adams shares her tips on getting a COVID-19 vaccine and reassures us about what to expect.

  • COVID-19

    DSA Health Ambassadors discuss questions about the COVID-19 vaccines with Professor Richards.

  • Community and Sport

    In this video Gerard O' Dwyer finds out what people with Down syndrome enjoy about their sport.

  • Education

    This webinar covers current research and emerging findings from the Down Syndrome Research Program at the University of Queensland.

  • Webinars

    This webinar outlines some of the mental health challenges for people with Down syndrome, along with useful hints and tips for families and carers.

  • Sleep Research

    Oct 2020

    Find out about current sleep research for children with Down syndrome from the Queensland Paediatric Sleep Medicine Research Group.

  • Education

    This free webinar will give details of different communication methods that can be explored with individuals who are non-verbal or limited in their verbal capacity. It will also show visuals that can be used to assist a person to express their wants, needs and desires.

  • Education

    This webinar, aimed at educators, gives strategies and ideas to assist in making the transition to and around primary school as smooth as possible.

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