Day 10: Anna

Anna loves her local community in Western Australia. Whether she's working in her job as a mailroom assistant, going to Capoeira, or swimming with the Superfins swim club, if Anna is around people, she always has a smile on her face.
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A young woman in a white martial arts uniform smiles at the camera in a crowd.

Story by Anna Gray

I live in Perth so we didn’t have too many worries about COVID-19. For the few weeks we couldn’t catch up in person I did a few Zoom catch ups with six of my girlfriends that I had been to Broome with on holiday. They were good chats and we had lots of laughs. I even had a glass of wine! 

Once we could get back out again, I loved going to my local park for a swing. People in my neighbourhood know me because I like to dance and sing out and about. I also organised a few picnics down by the river when the cafés were closed. We played French cricket and chatted.

I didn’t like staying at home all the time because I couldn’t go to Capoeira which I love because it is always so positive, and I missed my favourite friends who I like to see there. 

By the way, I got my green belt this year and all my friends there were really happy for me. They are a big part of my community. 

I work at St John of God Hospital as a mailroom assistant. I take the mail to the wards and around the hospital and last year I received an award for making a difference to the workplace as it helped the ward clerks as they didn’t have to take the mail downstairs. I like to sing and dance a bit when I am going around the hospital. I think it cheers people up.

A group of young women pose for a photo at a birthday party.

I really love going to my local gym which is close to where I live. I know lots of people and the gym guys happen to be pretty cute. I feel really connected with all the people at the gym as I have been going since I left school and I am 24 now! I am pretty independent and go out and about in my community. I have people come up to me and say ‘Hi’ and so many times ‘Hey you are the singing girl from the gym’.

I really like my local community.

I like to catch up with my friends and we always have a birthday celebration. I like going into Fremantle where I go to karaoke with friends and everyone is always in a good mood and people come up for a chat. 

I also join into open water swimming events where everyone is really supportive, and we clap each other when we cross the finish line. I am a member of Superfins swim club and there is usually a few of us who meet up for these swims. We go away for swimming camps as well so I can spend more time with my swimming buddies. 

A man and his daughter who is in a blue swimming costume are standing on the beach hugging and smiling.

I love Capoeira as I am really connected to all my friends there. At the end of the session we get into a circle and share our positive of the day. Everyone is happy for me and I am happy for them. 

There is a song called I love you just the way you are. I feel my community feels this way about me.