Day 11: Colby

Colby overcame some of the challenges of COVID-19 by staying connected to his family and friends using technology. He even achieved one of his big goals by landing his dream job as an advocate.
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Story by Colby Hickey

I have always been a very social person. But when COVID-19 hit I was forced to become a stay at home guy. I got very depressed and found I was unable to look forward too much. However I had the power of technology on my side and great support workers. 

I stayed connected to my friends and family through Zoom and text. My project for 2020 was to have a job, which at the time felt super far away.

I, however, got a job doing my dream role as an advocate for disabled people like me, which I love. 

My plan for 2021 is to continue to work at Down Syndrome Victoria and hopefully get a full time job or run my own business. I want to run my own business which will help people like me and many more to get proper managed help and NDIS approved help, like support workers and involved case managers.   

I think I contribute a unique perspective to my community. I am a non-verbal, autistic man with Down syndrome. However, I may show some behaviours of concern as I struggle to regulate my emotions. I live in Saint Kilda where people know me so well, I have my own celebrity status.

I think the main focus of the year has been Zoom, which has opened my eyes to communicate with more people than ever before.

I, however, love a beer or wine with my mates and listening to live music. 

I depend on communicating with my people and this year has shown I need it more than ever.