Day 13: Rohan

42-year-old Rohan Fullwood worked at McDonalds for almost 20 years before deciding to retire last year. Now he has an exciting new job he is looking forward to starting.
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Story by Rohan Fullwood

I started at McDonalds in 2001.

I was very nervous at first. But I got used to it.

Mainly I was in the dining room and after a while I got into the kitchen to do the washing up.

I liked making the burgers.

I finished last year in April because of COVID.

I was worried about losing my job.

I was let go for a couple of weeks, so I spent a couple of weeks with my mum at home. 

And then I got back and decided to take an early retirement. 

It was good actually to finish. 

They gave me a farewell party. It was me and Mum and Dad and my boss.

When I got the job as a Health Ambassador with Down Syndrome Australia I was honoured and thrilled. 

After being retired from working at McDonalds I thought it might be a good time for a new job.

I will be talking to healthcare workers and hospital staff.

The doctors should try to talk to the people with disability to give the right information. 

I think it is important to speak to health care workers. They need to talk carefully with people with Down syndrome; make sure they understand the right medications. Be very careful when people are old and frail.

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Work is important because I get paid. I need to keep my own apartment. 

I like it because I get to walk around naked if I want. 

I do my own cooking and cleaning. I am independent. I like it. 

I guess it’s mainly because I do things I like to do.

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