Day 16: Adam

Adam says triplets, like any type of relationship, are just the same. He says what makes the relationship with his brothers extra special is that he has Down syndrome.
Day 16: Adam thumbnail.
Three brothers who are unidentical triplets sit against a wooden fence laughing.
Liam, Adam and Oliver are triplets who always look out for each other.

Story by Adam Grabovac

We always get asked a lot of questions. We have a few coming in from Croatia because people like my grandparents hadn’t heard [of triplets] before. We took everyone by surprise.

As the oldest, I have to put them in line basically. I get annoying sometimes. My brothers can get sick of me sometimes, but they can have fun with me and we have that kind of bond. 

I get sick of them too sometimes. Sometimes, not all the time. Liam sits in his room all the time – I can’t get him out. I can’t get him to interact with me. If he’s in a bad mood I tell him to relax and calm down. Have a drink of water or something.

There’s no difference [between us three brothers].

Triplets, as in any type of relationship, are just the same. But this one is more special because I have Down syndrome. It’s special because I have a great family that loves me and adores me so much. I adore them too and I love them as well.

Having Down syndrome means everything. We’re the same as any type of people in the world. Down syndrome is something to be cherished and proud of. I am actually proud to be a person with Down syndrome. But at the same time, I’m the same as other people in the world.

Three brothers sit on a couch and smile at the camera.

I wouldn’t change anything about my relationship with my brothers. Definitely not change anything with them. They’re good guys and I love them dearly. 

Sometimes we would get into trouble together. Once I pushed Liam off the chair when we were doing the dishes together. I was a naughty boy back in the day but now I’m chilled and things are better.

We’ve gone to the same school together. It makes me feel like I’m actually a part of everything. I’m a part of the school and I’m a part of their lives basically. They love me and I love them. 

I’ve been putting a lid on them basically because they are cheeky and get on your nerves sometimes. They don’t swear, which is a good sign. 

Our love will never tear us apart. After school I’d like to stay at home for a bit so I can reflect on the time that has passed. We can make up our minds eventually and we can move out. We will always stay close. I’ve got their numbers and I can call them every day. Give them a buzz and check how they are.