Day 18: Olivia

Olivia Sidhu from Sydney has a bright outlook for her future. She is working hard to achieve her goals and wants to make a positive difference to her community.
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A young woman with Down syndrome who has short brown hair and red lipstick smiles at the camera.

What have you done since you finished school?

I finished school in 2018.

Since then, I went through Jigsaw (a disability services and support organisation) at French’s Forest for my orientation. They are such beautiful, incredible staff. My trainer, Louise, she’s amazing. It’s just awesome.

In high school, I didn’t have such a great experience,  so from Jigsaw, I learned about constructive feedback. 

What are some of your goals? 

My purpose for my goals in my future, I want to work at a model agency or as a make-up artist. My best friend’s sister has a business as a make-up artist. I got inspired by her. She does make-up for broadway shows and fashion shows. 

I actually did an interview of my friend’s sister because when I met her and found out she did make-up I was quickly inspired by her. 

My friends have been very supportive. 

Now I have a book on make-up and have all the products, I have the lipsticks, I have the eyeshadows, I have the bronzers, I have the blush. 

A young woman with brown hair looks into a mirror and puts on red lipstick

How does it feel to achieve your goals? 

It feels so good. If I achieve something, I’m over the moon. And if I’m a bit down I put a strong face on and put on some make-up. It makes me feel better. 

I love fashion and modelling and make-up. It ties in altogether. 

What has this past year been like?

This past year was a bit hard and so I’m trying to keep it all together by making a difference. 

Now I also have a job with Down Syndrome Australia. So, with Down Syndrome Australia I’ll be a Health Ambassador. It gives me a sense to make a difference. I want to make a difference in people.