Day 6: Lucy

Lucy Barraclough is affectionate, loves food and dancing to pop music from the 70s and 80s. She connects to her community in Canberra at All Saints Café, where she volunteers and is learning new skills.
Day 6: Lucy thumbnail.
Me. Lucy. Happy. Flowers. Listen to music. Photo by Sam Chapman.

An inclusive café for all

Lucy Barraclough finished year 12 in 2019, and her dad Steven wanted to support her in finding a job that would play to her strengths. This is how the idea for All Saints Café came about. 

As someone who is affectionate, loves food and dancing to pop music from the 70s and 80s, a café could provide the perfect environment for Lucy to work a few hours a week while developing different skill sets that match her abilities.  

Since being established, the café has several volunteers with Down syndrome, each who have different roles from taking orders, to preparing food and setting tables. This gives the volunteers confidence, connections to the Ainslie community, and may open the door to activities or employment elsewhere in the future.

Most of all, the café is about belonging. There is no hurry to leave and the regular clientele enjoy the social environment. The café boasts cool music (with a heavy ABBA component) and even has its own resident photographer, Sam.

Lucy has chosen these photos taken by Sam, to show what her experience volunteering at All Saints Café is like, and how through the café she has made strong connections with her local community. She shares what each photo is about in the captions.

Lucy and another staff member unfold a table cloth.
Working at the cafe, get ready.
Two scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping in a white bowl on a. table.
I like ice cream.
A young man wearing glasses and a blue birthday hat smiles at the camera. There is a chocolate cake in front of him with one candle on top.
Happy Birthday Mark. One.
3 pink flowers lying on a green and white checked table cloth.
Flowers beautiful. Put on table.
A young girl with dark hair and a yellow jumper is hugged by her mum. They are both smiling.
Lucy and Mum. Happy.
A young woman in a blue jumper is hugging two other women either side of her. They are all smiling and facing the camera.
Happy. Cafe. Smiling.
Three women are sitting at a dining table and smiling at the camera.
Lucy and Ursula. Pink and Purple.
A young man in a blue shirt wearing glasses looks and smiles at a young woman on the right, who is wearing a yellow jumper and smiling. They are holding hands.
Sam and Lucy. Holding hands.

All Saints Café is at the Church Hall at All Saints Church Ainslie, at 9-15 Cowper Street, Ainslie, and is open on Tuesdays from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

The cafe observes COVID safe practices.  Please book at least two days in advance by emailing

All Saints Café is not intended for profit, but donations are welcome and go towards covering the cost of food.