Day 8: Alishia

Alishia feels lucky to be living in the Northern Territory because the lockdown was only short for her state in 2020. Since then, she has been enjoying going to work and catching up with friends on the weekends.
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A woman with Down syndrome is in a bowling alley and holding two pink bowling balls.

Story by Alishia Lindsay

We have been lucky in the NT with COVID-19, we were only locked down for about two months and for me because I work for Carpentaria in the Allied Therapy team I still got to go to work. I’ve been there since March. 

This job has gone pretty well. It makes me feel energetic and focussed and interested. I’ve been dealing with the hygiene stuff like the laundry and the toy washing for the kids. I’ve been doing some reception work and some resource work as well.

It’s really good to be useful and helping. Helping other people is delightful.

Since I arrived there it feels like it is a safe zone. 

Because I was working I was able to see my work friends as normal, although we had to keep 1.5 metres apart. After lockdown finished, we even had some work lunches which are always good fun. 

Most of my friends have been calling me on my phone this year. They’ve also been on Facebook and Skype. They’re nice, friendly and polite. A few of them I’ve known since we were kids. One of them is my friend from my school, one I have known since we were babies, one is from Project21.

Since the lockdown we still do weekend activities. Now I see them at different events like bowling, the movies and the Christmas Carols. We’ve been doing kayaking as well. 

The hardest part of lockdown was not being able to go tenpin bowling from late March and it was great to see them all again when we started back up in late May.

Same with Total Recreation, they have some fitness programs and we go out to dinner and movies and other things and that did not start again until August when we had a BBQ and played lawn bowls.

My gym program also continued but instead of going to the gym my trainer came to the house which was good fun.

Apart from my mum, dad and brother, I talked to my other family by Facebooking or Skyping. However, we started ringing Grandma nearly every day and I would ring and talk to her about three times a week. I talk to her when I’m by myself at home. 

My aunt Janette has started up a WhatsApp group and my dad kept in touch. I have just been added so it might be fun to hear what my cousins are doing.