#21YourWay FAQ

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How does it work?

Take on a challenge of your choosing during the month of October. You can follow along with your favourite Ambassador, or you can develop your own challenge. Do it 21 times, do it your way! You might decide to do it in one go, or maybe you’ll break it up, the choice is yours. The important thing is that you share it with us by using the hashtag #21YourWay on Instagram or Facebook.

 Need a little inspiration?

  • Take a photo of something that you’re grateful for, for 21 days over the month of October
  • Do 21 star jumps every day in October
  • Learn 21 new dance moves over the month of October
  • Give up sugar for 21 days

The #21YourWay challenge that you select should reflect who you are, and what you stand for.

Who can participate?

#21YourWay is a virtual event open to anyone and everyone. We especially welcome those we normally see at StepUP! for Down syndrome events, people with Down syndrome, their families, friends and allies. The event is a chance to connect at a time when we are all a little disconnected.

Why #21YourWay?

The significance of 21 is that most people have 23 pairs of chromosomes in each of their cells (46 in total). People with Down syndrome have 47 chromosomes in their cells. They have an extra chromosome 21, which is why Down syndrome is also known as trisomy 21.

#21YourWay is linked to challenging stereotypes about Down syndrome. We want to show that people with Down syndrome are unique, and that no one should be stereotyped. #21YourWay is about doing things YOUR way and showcasing creativity and individuality.

Why participate?

Due to COVID-19 many of us around Australia are unable to get together and celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Use this event as an opportunity to connect with others, have some friendly competition, and get creative. Check out what others are doing on the fundraising team pages or visit Instagram or Facebook. Connect with your community or make a new one!

When you share your challenge by using the hashtag #21YourWay you are helping to raise awareness of Down syndrome in the community. It’s also a great opportunity to raise funds for your local Down syndrome association to support the work they do advocating for people with Down syndrome and their families. Programs you will be supporting include social groups for individuals with Down syndrome, inclusive education support, new parent support, advocacy for the inclusion of people with Down syndrome and more.  

The challenge is a great conversation starter to raise awareness of Down syndrome and to share with your networks. It’s also a great way to get sponsored to take on your challenge, benefiting the Down syndrome community through funds raised.

Get started!

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