Ask About Down syndrome App

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The Ask About Down Syndrome App is available now. This app is a continuation of Community Inclusion Toolkit  that DSA launched in 2018 to support and promote inclusion across employment, education, health and community and sporting groups. 

Download the App

The app is available now for mobile devices on the App and Google Play Store.

Download it on the App Store here.

Download it on the Google Play Store here.

About the App

The app has 3 main functions. 

Questions, Answers and Stories 

The app features people with Down syndrome answering important questions and sharing stories about what supports inclusion, what the barriers are and how these can be addressed. 

Community Inclusion resources 

The latest resources from Down Syndrome Australia’s Community Inclusion Toolkit are available through the app. This means these resources are now available to view, share, download or print from a handheld device. 

Share your own question, answer or story 

People can also share their own experiences through the app by submitting a question, answer or a story. 

For more information or to contribute to the app, please contact Kylie Preston at with any questions.