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Making a COVID-19 plan

People with disability need a plan that is tailored to their unique support needs.

Collaborating 4 Inclusion has developed a planning guide to help people with disability to get the facts about COVID-19 and make a plan for how they will manage the impact of this situation.

Read the COVID-19 planning guide 

Every Australian Counts

Every Australian Counts have information for NDIS participants and families about COVID-19.

Visit the Every Australian Counts website here.

You can find information on NDIS

Easy Read and visual resources

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Support, mental health and wellbeing

Providers and workers

General information about coronavirus


Council for Intellectual Disability have a range of Easy Read resources about COVID-19.

Visit the CID COVID resource page here.

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation website has information about Coronavirus and risk for people with Down syndrome.

Please note that this information refers to US Agencies and resources, but the general information is helpful.  

The COVID-19 & Down Syndrome Resource has information about:

  • What to think about when considering the COVID-19 vaccine
  • How to support mental health challenges during the ongoing pandemic
  • What we have learned about the virus that may be unique to people with Down syndrome
  • How to help stop the spread of the virus and stay safe
  • Things to consider when making decisions to participate in activities.

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation Info Sheet has information about people with Down syndrome and COVID-19.

The Down’s Syndrome Association (UK)

The Down’s Syndrome Association (UK) has an information page about COVID-19 and Down syndrome.

Visit the Down’s Syndrome Association (UK) website here.