New Parent Information Pack

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New Parent Information Pack

These resources are designed specifically for parents and families with a new baby who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

“What will life be like for our family?”

“What can we do to help our baby reach his or her full potential?”

Our booklets will help you understand what Down syndrome is and what it might be like to have a child with Down syndrome.

We’ve also included information about the support that is available, and about navigating family life and the health system in the early days and weeks.

Information pack

Support and information from your local Down syndrome association

Support for new parents is available from your local Down syndrome association. Call 1300 881 935 to get in touch today.

The State and Territory Down syndrome associations provide support, information and links to other local families. Reach out today to let them know about your new baby

Get support from your local Down syndrome association

A support services team member will get in touch to let you know how we can support you.

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You can also call your local Down syndrome association for further information, advice or support. You can reach out by calling 1300 881 935.