Reducing bullying in schools

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Reducing bullying in schools.

Josh Mitchell is an advocate who lives in Queensland with his mum Toni.

‘I am 19. I love my pets, music, seeing bands live and going to church,’ says Josh, ‘I also like watching Star Trek and Wiggles DVDs.’

Josh and Toni run classes in local schools, businesses and hospitals about disabilities and organise events to showcase the talents of people with disabilities. They want others to know that people with disabilities are just like everyone else – they want to live, love, laugh and belong. When Josh and Toni present their sessions in schools, the teachers tell them that the bullying decreases and the students are more open. The students recognise Josh when he is out in the town, so they know they are making an impact in their classes. They want the world to be more accepting, more inclusive and more supportive.

Josh Mitchell

Josh has big dreams for the future: ‘I would like to see whales and snow. I want to keep doing what I do for as long as I can.’