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Education for people with Down syndrome or intellectual disability

The continued education and development of people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities is an important aspect of how we aim to achieve Associations mission. We are continuing to develop new, innovative and interactive courses and programs to increase capacity and independence in people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities.

Confident Speaker’s

Confident Speaker’s has been operating since 1994 as an informal learning activity. This program teaches the skills and knowledge required to make effective presentations for many different purposes using a range of media. This program is designed for anyone above the age of 15 and is tailored to suit people with an intellectual disability.

Science Alliance

The Science Alliance Program aims to enhance participants understanding of Science and the social development of young people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities through the use of informal science activities. The outcome of the program is to enhance the participants social connectedness whilst building their capacity around independence, team work, and to develop leadership skills.

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