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In the Educational Setting

Our support for educational professionals spans from pre-school to high school and college settings! We support mainstream, private and specialist education settings and are able to tailor our support to meet your school and individual needs.

Information Sessions and Workshops

Short information sessions for education settings (pre-k to Primary school)

We are able to provide schools with information sessions for teachers to better understand their students. This information session covers:

  • What is Down syndrome
  • Physical characteristics of Down syndrome and how they affect participation in the classroom
  • Practical tips and tricks to support their student

Diversity in the Classroom

Diversity in the Classroom is an annual workshop held at the beginning of the school year to support our teachers and educators. Presented by Learning Support Coordinators Sharon Moore, Karen Garrity, and Biologist Kelli Gowland, this workshops is a unique opportunity to hear from educators who are also parents of children with Down syndrome.

Topics covered include:

  • What does it mean for a person to have Down syndrome?
  • How does Down syndrome impact a student’s learning and inclusion i the classroom?
  • Practical strategies to support classroom teaching.
  • Understanding the link between communication and behaviour.
  • Transition – why is it important and how can you do it successfully?
  • Simple strategies to support positive behaviours.

We have already run the 2023 workshop. Contact the office for more information about 2024.

Inclusive Education Support in Primary School

Do you have a tricky situation? We are able to help! We have the ability to put you into contact with our Inclusive Education Consultant to ensure that teachers have all the resources and skills they need to succeed in including all students.

High School Pre-Employment Program

his program is aimed at students attending high school between Years 9 – 12 and live with an intellectual disability. This program takes students through different modules to enhance their soft skills to then take into the work place.

The program consists of 7 topics:

  • Understanding workplace heirarchy
  • Social media and the workplace
  • Communication
  • Appropriate workplace behaviours
  • Appropriate workplace attire
  • Effective time management
  • Work Ethic

The program also consists of two family resources to assist families to navigate supports available, as well as provide pointers on how to begin building independence.

To download the program please use the links below:

This program is offered free of charge for any schools to deliver within the classroom. Ongoing support from ACT Down Syndrome is also available free of charge!

For more information about the High School Pre-Employment Program please contact the Office.