About our Health Ambassadors

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Our Health Ambassadors

DSA Health Ambassadors are a group of people with Down syndrome who inform others about how to communicate and include people with Down syndrome in their health conversations.

The Health Ambassadors are: 

Alishia Lindsay | Northern Territory

Alishia is a heartworthy, honest, polite outstanding young woman. She knows how important it is to be who you are. Alishia loves to be out and about at social events and also enjoys singing and dancing. When she has time in her busy schedule she likes to kick back and watch a good movie on Netflix. As a Health Ambassador for Down Syndrome Australia, Alishia wants to help people and children with Down syndrome. Alishia wants to help and support health care workers to better understand and communicate with people with Down syndrome. She also wants to improve her public speaking ability. 

Amelia Sloan | Victoria

Amelia is a bubbly, cheeky young lady who likes to make people smile and laugh. She loves spending time with her extended family and also with just her mum and dad. Amelia loves to dance and listen to music and her all time favourite band, is 5 Seconds of Summer. Her other leisure time activities include, walking along the beach with her dogs, hanging out with her friends, swimming and watching a good movie. As a Health Ambassador for Down Syndrome Australia, Amelia wants to help doctors and nurses help people with Down syndrome. Amelia has a firsthand view of what works when treating people with a disability and she believes that through her experience she can help make other people’s health outcomes better.

Caitlin Woolley | Tasmania

Caitlin is a kind, hardworking, creative friend to have. She enjoys having fun and eating good food with her friends and family, her favourite is sushi. Caitlin enjoys watching movies, especially Harry Potter. Caitlin likes to keep fit and healthy by swimming.  As a Health Ambassador for Down Syndrome Australia, Caitlin wants to help health care workers treat people with Down syndrome better. Caitlin also loves to meet new people and being a Health Ambassador is also a really great way to do this. 

Emily Porter | Victoria

Emily is a lovable, caring and funny lady who has a fabulous sense of humour. Emily loves children and babies which is a good thing as she is aunt to 7 nieces and nephews. The most important thing to Emily is family and the love of her life Michael, her husband. Emily enjoys keeping fit and healthy and likes going to the gym, swimming and walking. Emily also likes taking care of her own household bills and budget, which she has done since moving out of home at the age of 24.   Emily believes that the Health Ambassador role will enable her to help other people with Down syndrome. She wants to see health care workers always showing respect for people with disabilities. 

Gillian Gehrke | Queensland

Gillian is a creative, confident, passionate and empathetic mother of 3 young children. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, singing, researching history and medical information and is also an artist and fashion designer.  Gillian was born with Mosaic Down syndrome and brings a unique perspective to her role as Health Ambassador for Down Syndrome Australia. Gillian believes that there is beauty all around us and that everyone deserves respect and honesty. In her role as Health Ambassador, Gillian wants to advocate for change, to improve the health outcomes for people with an intellectual disability and more specifically people with Down syndrome. 

Hugo Taheny | South Australia

Hugo is a charming, honest and caring young man who would really love to be a ‘Rock Star’. He has competed at the INAS Global Games in 2019 and won Gold in Discus and Silver in Shot Put. The things that are important to Hugo are his family and friends, his pets and driving his Gator on the farm. Hugo really enjoys swimming, going to the movies, hanging out with his friends and family, especially when he can make a ‘family feast’. Hugo wants to be a Health Ambassador for Down Syndrome Australia so that he can help younger children with Down syndrome to have a better life. Hugo wants to help doctors and other health care workers better understand and care for people with Down syndrome.  

Kimberley Adams | ACT

Kimberley is an independent, caring and friendly lady who knows what she wants and knows her mind. Some might say she is sometimes stubborn, but she likes to be described as determined. Kim continually strives to achieve her goals of achieving independence. In her spare time Kim enjoys dancing, acting, writing stories and watching movies. Kimberley wants to be a Health Ambassador for Down Syndrome Australia because she thinks that good communication with health professionals is really necessary for people with a disability. Kimberley feels that in this job she will be able to influence Health professionals and hopefully make a contribution to the Down syndrome community. Kimberley also loves to work with people and being part of a team.  

Naomi Lake | Western Australia

Naomi is a kind, honest and animated young lady. She is a published children’s author, ‘Harmony the Forgetful Hen and the Lost Eggs’ and ‘ Harmony the Forgetful Hen and the Fox’. Naomi has a strong passion for children’s literacy and has travelled around WA visiting small schools and remote communities promoting her love of books and reading, in a hope to inspire young writers and readers. When Naomi is not writing or looking after her chickens, she enjoys spending time with family, listening to music and keeping fit and healthy. As a Health Ambassador for Down Syndrome Australia, Naomi wants to improve health outcomes for people with Down syndrome by improving health professionals’ understanding and knowledge. 

Olivia Sidhu | New South Wales

Olivia is a kind, polite, caring and resilient young lady who loves to keep busy. She enjoys going shopping with friends and spending time with family when she is not working at the florist. Olivia also loves to keep fit and healthy and plays netball and dances. Olivia wants to make a difference for people with Down syndrome in her role as Health Ambassador for Down Syndrome Australia. She wants to influence health care workers so that their interactions with all people with Down syndrome are easier and their health outcomes are better.

Rohan Fullwood | New South Wales

Rohan is a good-looking, hard-working, recently retired man, who likes to spend time with his family and being a good uncle. Now he has more time, he enjoys keeping fit and healthy and playing 10 pin bowling. Rohan also enjoys traveling the world and can’t wait until we can travel again. Rohan wants to be a Health Ambassador for Down Syndrome Australia, so that he can help people with Down syndrome especially as they start to get older. He thinks that it is really important for health care workers to make sure that people with Down syndrome are listened to and understand what is happening in their own health. 

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If you are interested in having one of our Health Ambassadors speak at your workplace or education facility please contact our Health Program Manager Natalie Graham at natalie.graham@downsyndrome.org.au.

If you are interested in any part of this exciting project please do not hesitate to contact Natalie Graham.