Health Ambassadors

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DSA Health Ambassadors are a group of individuals with Down syndrome, who work to inform health care workers about how best to include people with Down syndrome in their own health conversations.

DSA Health Ambassadors represent each state and territory and the most common drive amongst all these self- advocates, is to make health care workers better understand people with Down syndrome. 

The Health Ambassadors work to improve health outcomes for people with Down syndrome in Australia by:

  • Informing and working with health care workers and those studying to become health workers, on how inclusive communication makes a positive difference to outcomes
  • Working with health care workers in all settings to educate them about Down syndrome
  • Telling their health stories and how good communication can make a difference
  • Presenting to health care workers and students
  • Co-designing resources for health care workers to use
  • Taking on advisory roles on health issues and research.

“When I understand it makes me feel more comfortable and I can answer your questions better. This will help any health care worker who is treating me to find the right problem and do their job better”

Kimberley Adams, DSA Health Ambassador