Disability Royal Commission

Down Syndrome Australia has contributed to the Disability Royal Commission on issues that are important to people with Down syndrome and their families. Find out more about our work and the work of the Royal Commission.
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Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability

Down Syndrome Australia’s role

Down Syndrome Australia’s role throughout the Royal Commission has been to:

  • Develop submissions on issue papers that the Disability Royal Commission release that are relevant for people with Down syndrome and the community
  • Provide and share information about the Commission to people with Down syndrome and their families
  • Provide information to people with Down syndrome and their families about the support services available to those who want to share their story

For more information:

Disability Royal Commission: https://disability.royalcommission.gov.au

Disability Royal Commission Legal Service: https://drclegalservice.org.au/Home

Australian Federation of Disability Organisations: www.afdo.org.au

Disability Advocacy Network Australia: www.dana.org.au