Bank of Melbourne Foundation grants $300,000 to DSV for inclusive education

Bank of Melbourne Foundation grants $300,000 to DSV for inclusive education thumbnail.

We are thrilled to announce Bank of Melbourne Foundation has awarded a $300,000 multi-year grant to Down Syndrome Victoria (DSV) to support learning and inclusion for Victorian students with Down syndrome.

Students with Down syndrome and their families frequently face challenges in mainstream educational settings, with schools often citing insufficient support or funding. Many teachers feel ill-equipped and lack the resources to adequately assist these students.

Over the next three years, the funding will allow DSV to expand its inclusive education program to more schools in Victoria, supporting more teachers and helping students with Down syndrome achieve better learning outcomes. This will include the creation of an online Community of Practice for teachers complete with online learning modules, webinars, and resources aimed at supporting teachers in their professional development and learning journey.

For over 10 years, DSV have worked in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and thousands of educators to improve educational outcomes for more than 450 students with Down syndrome.

Thank you to Bank of Melbourne Foundation for supporting this initiative.

Read the media release here
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