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  • Webinars

    This webinar by Down Syndrome Queensland outlines how to make the most of your child's Early Childhood Early Intervention meeting.

  • Webinars

    This webinar by Down Syndrome Queensland outlines what to think about when considering assistive technology needs under Early Childhood Early Intervention.

  • COVID-19

    How to best support students with Down syndrome upon their return to school. This webinar is for Teachers, Parents and anyone else supporting students when returning after Learning@Home due to COVID-19.

  • Employment

    The My Work Matters video was developed by the NSW Council for Intellectual Disability to highlight the inclusion of people with intellectual disability in the workplace.

  • Dear Future Mom

    Feb 2020

    'Dear Future Mom' is a heartwarming message from 15 people with Down syndrome to a future mom.

  • Education

    A short video showcasing the difference between integration, perceived inclusion and true inclusion in a classroom environment.

  • Education

    This animation was developed to speak to children about inclusion and being different and yet being the same.

  • Community and Sport

    Watch this short video to find out about StepUP! for Down syndrome and the fun events across Australia.

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