2021 In Review: Mason Cooper

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As we move towards the end of 2021, it is time to reflect upon some of our members’ successes and celebrate their achievements. This week, we have taken the time to chat with Penny about her son Mason’s journey through his first year at school. It is through Mason’s excitement and dedication to his schooling life, as well as Penny’s pride for her son, that we are reminded of the importance of acknowledging key milestones, such as beginning school. It is our hope that through the story of Penny and Mason that you will be reminded of the accomplishments of the past year, and will reflect upon 2021 with joy, success and happiness.

When considering the prospect of Mason beginning his first year at school, Penny recalls she was filled with apprehension. Moving from “micromanaging your child’s day to handing them over to the education system” was a big step for Penny, who found the concept of Mason starting school “overwhelming”. However, within a short time, Mason developed a love for school and his circle of “beautiful friends”, with Penny connecting with teachers and instigating a collaborative approach to Mason’s learning. While Penny has said she finds it “hard at times to watch the gap between him and his friends”, her work with the staff and Mason’s therapy team has ensured a smooth transition into school. Working to “strategise any issues they were having,” Penny recalls that Mason’s school has been “incredibly accommodating,” allowing Mason access to the same opportunities as the other students. Penny couldn’t be prouder of him.

Upon continuing his schooling journey, Penny says “I hope he continues to have teachers who see his strengths and not only focuses on them, but delights in them. I hope he continues to have an amazing group of friends. And mostly, I hope he continues to be in an environment that is so inclusive. While 2021 has been a year of challenges for all of us, this year has been a genuine delight for Mason and Penny, with Mason taking his first steps towards becoming a mature young man. As beautifully summarised by a young girl in Mason’s class, ‘Mason just speaks another language, and we just have to learn that language’. It is Penny’s hope, and ours, that Mason continues to excel at school, with 2022 holding many exciting moments for Mason’s family.

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